How To Have The Best Open House Possible

How To Have The Best Open House Possible

By Alberte Toettenborg on Feb 15 2017

Have you ever been to an inspection where the house has had an awful smell, was dirty or so completely cluttered that you could hardly walk through it? It is said that it only takes a home-buyer 30 seconds to decide if they are interested in a property or not and if you have ever been in a house as I have just described, then you would know it can take a lot less than that. These poorly presented can remain on the market unsold for months.

Preparation for your Open House commences weeks before the actual inspections do. To ensure that your property is presented at its best, it is essential to give yourself plenty of time to complete the following recommendations:
  1. Ensure Your House Has a Welcoming Entrance, Oozing With Great Street Appeal:
    To establish a welcoming environment; mow the lawn, weed the garden, trim bushes and trees and clear the pathway to the entrance of your property and remove any sporting equipment or toys. Add a few flowering plants to add splashes of colour around the entrance. If it looks good from the outside a buyer will want to look inside.
  2. Ensure your House is Presented Immaculately:
    It is extremely important that you present or “stage” your property to appeal to potential buyers, as professionally staged properties sell on average 30-50% faster and for 7-17% more.
    Home Staging is a proven marketing strategy where a property is presented for sale, highlighting the best features and creating an inviting atmosphere that will encourage your buyers to fall in love and make an offer. Before staging your Home, de-clutter and de-personalise – store away items such as old papers, nick-knacks, family photos or large furniture pieces and hide away all valuables
  3. Ensure your Open House is held at an Optimal Time:
    Talk with your Sales Consultant about the best time of day to hold your Open House for the suburb you live in. Consider when the sun is shining on the best aspects of your property.
    On the morning of your open house your property must be clean and tudy from top to bottom, inside and out. Empty rubbish bins, vacuum, mop and tidy awat dirty dishes and laundry. Don’t forget to remove pet litter. Neutralise any house odours by opening windows, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the house rather than using artificial scents. The night before your Open House, it is wise to cook with food that only emit mild aromas.
    To make your home appear larger and brighter, open every door and turn on all the lights. (Toilet and wardrobe doors should always be kept closed.)

Buyers feel uncomfortable when the seller is present and are therefore less likely to develop an emotional attachment to the house. To give the buyer a chance to envision their own family living in the house it is very important that you and your family members (including pets) leave during this time.
Tip – Have a friend inspect your house first as they will look with fresh eyes and will be able to pick up on any aspect that you may have missed. By implementing the above recommendations into your sale process you will ensure that you have the best open house possible.